7 Reasons for Taking Powdered Supplements

7 Reasons for Taking Powdered Supplements

Supplements are available in a wide range of formats, including liquids, chewables, softgels, tablets, capsules and powders. When people have to make a decision regarding the best magnesium supplement for their needs, they may question which type of supplement is best.

Each supplement format presents a range of benefits and drawbacks, and that leads to much confusion, but at the end of the day, the results should be the deciding factor.

Here at Mag365, we create a range of supplements, with our powdered magnesium being our flagship product. See more on the Mag365 product lineup.

Why Should You Take Powdered Supplements?

1. Powdered Supplements are More Affordable

Compared to many other formats, powdered supplements are generally more affordable. Powdered supplements don't contain fillers or flow agents, and therefore, they are less expensive to manufacture. Powdered magnesium, in particular, corners 34% of the market in the US.

2. Powdered Supplements are Purer

Powdered supplements are less adulterated by flow agents and fillers, and therefore, you often only need a small amount to get the recommended dosage.

Mag365 comes in two versions; Plain and flavoured. The plain has only two ingredients and the flavoured has the same two ingredients plus natural flavors and stevia. The stevia is natural and is processed to ensure that there is no after-taste that many people find with products sweetened with stevia. It contains no fillers or anti-caking agents.

3. Powdered Supplements are Portable

Powdered supplements are very portable. Take them with you to the gym or to work so that you don't have to skip a dose. Powdered supplements are easily mixed into any drink, and easy to consume. An easy way is to put it in your water bottle before you leave home. They are often available in a range of flavours.

Mag365 can be added to your sports bottle and it will stay good for several days. That means that you don't have to carry the powder with you. For best results, mix the powder in a mug with about 15-30 ml of hot water. However, you can also add it to cold water and wait 15 minutes for it to react.

4. Powdered Supplements Offer Easy Digestion

Children may have difficulty swallowing tablets. Likewise, it has happened that pills have passed through the digestive systems of elderly and convalescents undigested. Creating shelf-stable tablets that break down easily in the digestive system, is expensive.

Since Mag365 becomes a liquid ionic magnesium citrate, it is easier to digest and to be absorbed in the body.

5. Powdered Supplements Offer Better Absorption

Supplement absorption goes hand-in-hand with digestion. Some people spend additional money to purchase liquid supplements, believing that they will absorb faster. However, it is actually preferable for high-potency supplements to absorb slightly slower in order to avoid overwhelming the absorption pathways and thus wasting the nutrients.

Mag365 powdered magnesium uses two ingredients: magnesium carbonate and citric acid. Added to water, the two powders react to create liquid ionic magnesium citrate in 100% solution.

The slightly acidic nature of Mag365 enhances absorption and becomes an alkalising beverage after it is absorbed.

6. Powdered Supplements Offer Dosage Flexibility

If you're looking for a supplement for the whole family, a powdered magnesium is perfect. Dr. Sandra Cabot wrote, “The powder form of magnesium is highly bio-available (well absorbed) and works better for those with a sensitive stomach or irritable bowel syndrome. The powder form is also quicker acting.”1 When you need to take a supplement in gram quantities, powders are the most practical; instead of having to take 10 x 500 mg capsules, you can simply take a single 5-gram scoop and mix it in a beverage for the same dosage. It is also easier to give people with sensitivities and children smaller dosages more easily.

7. Powdered Supplements are Safe & Efficient

Provided powdered supplements are used as intended, it is safe and effective. Powdered magnesium has been in the US market for more than 30 years.

Since every person has different nutritional needs, and since magnesium needs vary depending on a person's weight, RDA levels tend to be geared towards minimum requirements to encompass everyone. However, magnesium toxicity is extremely rare in people with healthy kidneys. The colon eliminates excess magnesium, while naturally hydrating your body to dilute any extra magnesium.

In addition, pure powdered products are non-habit forming, and you will not develop a dependency when you use it.

Magnesium supplementation presents a range of benefits, as the mineral is involved in a multitude of chemical reactions in the body, from increasing energy to relaxing the muscles, improving mood and regulating blood pressure.



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