Magnesium Pills, Powders and other Supplements

Magnesium Pills, Powders and other Supplements

From supplements like magnesium pills and powders – there’s a supplement to suite everyone in the market.

Magnesium supports the body's central processes, yet up to 80% of people are magnesium deficient. Apart from promoting bone and heart health, magnesium supports a healthy nervous system, generates cellular energy, helps to activate and relax the muscle tissues, and is involved in over 350 body processes. Despite the fact that so many people lack the optimal magnesium levels in their bodies, magnesium deficiency is easy to correct with proper supplementation.  From supplements like magnesium pills and powders to transdermal magnesium (for those with sensitive tummies) to liquid ionic magnesium and lotions, there's a supplement to suit everyone.

Proven an effective buffer for lactic acid, magnesium enhances peak oxygen uptake as well as improved work output. It also reduces the carbon dioxide production and heart rate during intense exercise, thus improving your body's cardiovascular efficiency. At the same time, it can enhance muscle strength and testosterone levels. 

Most people are magnesium deficient despite eating healthy, organic diets high in vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds that contain high levels of magnesium. This phenomenon is due to a combination of lower nutrient levels in foods caused by modern food production, storage and preparation practices that deplete our foods of the nutrients it contained thirty or forty years ago. In addition, active individuals have accelerated mineral turnover, and some nutrients are lost through perspiration. 

Types of Magnesium Supplements – Magnesium Pills, Capsules, Powder and Transdermal 

Oral Magnesium: is swallowed in a magnesium pill / tablet, capsule or powder (mixed with liquid) form and processed through your digestive track. Depending on the type of magnesium, absorption usually ranges between 4%-50%. These supplements are usually made from magnesium found in nature, and although they are sometimes referred to as inorganic, that is not always the case, as it is the closest form to the magnesium that is found in nature. 

Magnesium deficiency manifests in a number of ways, most commonly with muscle cramping, disrupted sleep, immune depression, inadequate force production, and excessive sensitivity to pain. In more serious cases, it can lead to fatal heart arrhythmias during intense physical exercise.

7 Reasons for Taking Powdered Supplements

  • Powdered Supplements are More Affordable
  • Powdered Supplements are Purer
  • Powdered Supplements are Portable
  • Powdered Supplements Offer Easy Digestion
  • Powdered Supplements Offer Better Absorption
  • Powdered Supplements Offer Dosage Flexibility
  • Powdered Supplements are Safe & Efficient

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Transdermal magnesium is applied to the skin, which absorbs it easily, bypassing the digestive system and avoiding the effects of sensitivity that many people experience with magnesium supplementation. Topical magnesium work similarly to transdermal patches, such as those that are used for smoking cessation or birth control.

In some cases though rare a simple oral magnesium supplement is not sufficient for replacing the lost magnesium. Sometimes sufficient amounts of oral magnesium are not absorbed easily enough through recommended doses, and taking more usually results in diarrhea, which causes you to lose more nutrients. The solution is to deliver more targeted doses through topical or transdermal magnesium creams, oils, or sprays.

In recent years, research has proven the many advantages of transdermal medicine, which was the prefered method in ancient times. Transdermal medicine has been developed for a range of treatments, and is available as antidepressants, smoking cessation therapy, and hormone replacement treatment. These alternative treatments might be chosen as a personal preference, or because the individual is unable to swallow pills due to digestive system impairment.

Portable, easy to apply and effective, more sports people are turning to transdermal magnesium supplements for maximum absorption and enhanced all-over health.