Magnesium Tablets / Capsules vs a Powder Supplement

Magnesium Tablets / Capsules vs a Powder Supplement

Are Magnesium Tablets really all they are cracked up to be?

Many people think they prefer a tablet or capsul over a liquid supplement as it is easier. But there are issues with tablets. 

All minerals have to in an acidic environment to be ionized. Also the stronger the bond, the harder it is to ionise to be utilized.

powder vs tablet?

  • Magnesium tablets rely on your stomach acid to ionise the magnesium. Part of aging is we produce less acid in our stomachs. Magnesium tablets like Magnesium Oxide have such a strong bond that your body has difficulty absorbing any of it.
  • Magnesium tablets are a fixed amount. One tablet could be too little, two could be too much. i.e. Magnesium tablets make getting your optimal dose difficult.
  • MAG365 Magnesium Supplement is an ionic drink in a slightly acidic environment so your stomach does not have to ionise it, giving you a greater chance to absorb it. 

7 Reasons for Taking Powdered Supplements

  1. Powdered Supplements are More Affordable
  2. Powdered Supplements are Purer
  3. Powdered Supplements are Portable
  4. Powdered Supplements Offer Easy Digestion
  5. Powdered Supplements Offer Better Absorption
  6. Powdered Supplements Offer Dosage Flexibility
  7. Powdered Supplements are Safe & Efficient

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Your ideal dose is what your body needs. The great thing about magnesium is that you cannot get too much from a toxicity point (unless you have weak kidneys.) If you get too much, your body eliminates it through the colon and pulls water from your intestines to add to it. (i.e. your stools get loose.) Many people like having slightly loose stools and take a magnesium supplement for that reason alone.

There are some magnesium citrate powders on the market you could use as an alternative, and that certainly would help with your dosing. The problem with them is that the powder is just a magnesium citrate salt in a water suspension and it is not in an ionic form like MAG365, which makes magnesium citrate with the process of adding hot water.

Another interesting thing to note is that your body absorbs nutrients through your stomach, intestines and your colon. If you are short on minerals and vitamins your body will hold on to your stool for as long as it can while it is looking to see if there is anything it could still find that is in short supply. i.e. low minerals also contribute to constipation.

So the optimal way to take your magnesium is start out slow while continually increasing the dose until your stools are loose, then back off a little. You will be at your optimal level.

It is true that all minerals need to be in an acidic environment. So why not take all liquid minerals? That is a good question. That would be idea,l but most minerals are not like magnesium where it just eliminates the excess. Also Magnesium is so foundational to all our body processes that without it, nothing else seems to work.

Take calcium for example; your bones lose about 700mg of calcium a day and 700mg of new calcium gets replaced. Vitamin D3 is what helps to absorb your calcium, and vitamin K2 helps put it in the right place, but without magnesium, none of these processes work.

What about a multivitamin? Yes, multivitamins are good for all the micro-nutrients but very few multivitamins, if any, contain adequate amounts of magnesium (or vitamin D3, or vitamin K2, for that matter.)

Magnesium Pills (Tablets / Capsules) vs Magnesium Powder

So if you are taking a magnesium tablet because it is easier, should that really be the main criteria why you take a magnesium supplement in the first place?

Taking a magnesium powder is so easy - you put the kettle on, get a mug and add two teaspoons of MAG365 magnesium powder. Then you get out any other supplements you take, e.g. a multivitamin. Then you put about 30-60 ml of hot water in the mug and when it is done fizzing, it's ready to drink.

When you take your magnesium tablet, don’t you need to take some water with it anyway? Because it is more absorbable, and you need water anyway, why not replace your magnesium tablet with a magnesium powder?

Why is a Magnesium Supplement Important?

Magnesium supports the body's central processes, yet up to 80% of people are magnesium deficient. Apart from promoting bone and heart health, magnesium supports a healthy nervous system, generates cellular energy, helps to activate and relax the muscle tissues, and is involved in over 600 body processes. Despite the fact that so many people lack the optimal magnesium levels in their bodies, magnesium deficiency is easy to correct with proper supplementation. From oral supplements like powders to transdermal magnesium (for those with sensitive tummies) to liquid ionic magnesium and lotions, there's a supplement to suit everyone.

Proven an effective buffer for lactic acid, magnesium enhances peak oxygen uptake as well as improved work output. It also reduces the carbon dioxide production and heart rate during intense exercise, thus improving your body's cardiovascular efficiency. At the same time, it can enhance muscle strength and testosterone levels.

Most people are magnesium-deficient despite eating healthy, organic diets high in vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds that contain high levels of magnesium. This phenomenon is due to a combination of lower nutrient levels in foods caused by modern food production and storage and preparation practices that deplete our foods of the nutrients it contained thirty or forty years ago. In addition, active individuals have accelerated mineral turnover, and some nutrients are lost through perspiration.  Magnesium is lost during physical activity as muscles use up calcium to contract and magnesium to relax.

Magnesium deficiency manifests in a number of ways, most commonly with muscle cramping, disrupted sleep, immune depression, anxiety and inability to deal with stress, and excessive sensitivity to pain. In more serious cases, it can lead to fatal heart arrhythmias during intense physical exercise.

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